2024 Tournament Rules – Single-Elim Format

Rules & Format for 2024 Ohio USSSA/Double Eagle Sports Single-Elim Tournaments:

USSSA umpires and rulebook will govern all play with exception to rules noted below.

Pool games will be scheduled for 70 minutes – complete the inning. Bracket games will be scheduled for 75 minutes – complete the inning. ITB will be used in bracket play only if tied at the end of 75 minutes or 7 innings. The championship games will have a 90-minute or 7 innings (1 hr-30 mins) time limit. Teams must be prepared to play up to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time. Fall exception is we only play 65 minutes in pool play and 70 in bracket play and 75 minutes-championships in single-Elim events.

– RULE CHANGE for 2024: In pool play, team that wins the coin flip is now automatically the home team. In bracket play, the higher seed is automatically the home team unless both teams are the same seed. Then a coin flip will ensue with the winner of the flip automatically being home team.

· Bats must display the 2012 USSSA thumbprint logo or new 2021 thumbprint logo or be subject to a penalty for use of the non-approved bat. Penalty for using a non-approved bat is immediate ejection of the offending player and coach. This means stepping into the batter’s box with an unapproved bat. NO 2017 EASTON BLUE GHOSTS ARE PERMITTED!

· Teams have the option to use 2 AP (Additional Players) along with the DP/Flex rule for a 12-person line up. Short-handed rules apply with only being able to go down one player in the line-up. ROSTER BATTING IS ALSO PERMITTED AND MUST BE COMMUNICATED AT THE PLATE MEETING PRIOR TO THE GAME. Roster does not collapse if a player is injured or leaves and there is no available substitute. An out will be taken in that scenario.

· A courtesy runner is permitted for the pitcher and/or catcher. Must be a substitute not in the line-up first! If no subs, then Last-Completed-At-Bat or LCAB. This is one time per inning for either the pitcher and/or catcher but not the same runner for both.

· JEWELRY RULE – Modified to allow stud earrings, while continuing to prohibit dangling hoops, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. judged by the umpire to be dangerous. Also requires batters to wear play indicators (wristbands) as they were designed to be worn (on the wrist, not the belt).

· Metal cleats are permitted in age groups 13u & up.

· USSSA mercy rule will be in effect. 12 after 3 innings, 10 after 4 innings and 8 after 5 innings.

· Coin flip will determine home or away during pool play with winner of the flip automatically the home team. In bracket play, the higher seed will automatically be home team in each game. If 2 teams of the same seeding play, then there will be a coin flip with the flip winner automatically being home team.

· If a team does not show for their scheduled game, the game will be recorded as a 7-0 win in the bracket for their opponent and the game will count toward the guarantee.

· Coaches, please verify the final score with the game umpires before they leave the field of play. Also, it is very important that the scorekeeper(s) must verify runs each half inning. Once the score has been verified by both sides, we will not revisit missing runs later in the game regardless of scenarios. Home team is the “official” scorebook of each game and will apply if later discrepancy is found.

· There will be no protests allowed on judgment calls (balls/strikes, fair/foul, safe/out). For any protest involving rule interpretation, the fee is $100 cash. If the protest is upheld, then the $100 will be returned. If the protest is found to be not valid, then the fee is forfeited. A rule interpretation protest must be made before the next pitch is thrown. Protest is not valid until the fee is paid to the home plate official and rule being protested is made known.

· Protest fees on player eligibility or roster issues are $100 per-player-protested in cash. The player(s) in question must be identified by name and the fee paid before we will check the roster. At that point it will be up to the team in question to produce a valid birth certificate or legible copy for the player(s) being protested or lose the protest. This applies to guest players also. If this protest is done before the last out of the game and upheld, then the game will be forfeited to the team winning the protest and the offending team is disqualified from the event and placed last in the standings and subject to any future disciplinary measures. If this protest is done after the game and upheld, then the game will stand as played and the offending team will be disqualified from the event and placed last in the standings.

· In the advent of bad weather, every effort will be made to get the games in. We will reduce game times or drop pool games, if necessary, but our priority is to play the games. If there is a weather situation, please verify with a tournament official what the procedure will be to start the games back up. We will use the USSSA online system to send out e-mails and texts to report on rain delays prior to the event if possible but preferred method will be the Rain Out Line Mobile App. Click here for info on how to download this app: Rain Out Line. During the event, weather will be handled by tournament staff onsite unless extreme situations and then we will update Rain Out Line ASAP.

Mike Craig – Ohio USSSA

CLICK HERE for a direct link to the USSSA Fastpitch Rule Book


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